August 2017 Newsletter


Volume 24 Issue 8


After attending the “YOU ARE” conference last year, several of our SOS women began to ask about the possibility of SOS having a women’s conference for their friends that did not know Jesus! I thought, “What a great idea!”. Then, the ladies repeatedly explained, “We hear wonderful speakers, but then they eventually leave town and the person we connected with is gone”. They asked, “What about the possibility of you, Mrs. Carmen, being our speaker and having our own women share what Jesus has done in their lives to help our friends see the power of Jesus!” We began to plan immediately!

We broke up our class of about 50 into assigned teams, like decorating, prayer, registration, door prizes, etc., giving them a budget and a
vision for the conference. Each team of women began to make a list of ladies whom they knew personally that did not have a relationship with JESUS. They committed to pray for these women every day until the conference. As the date got closer, the women committed to personally inviting their friends to the conference.

We met every Wednesday night to pray and plan this event. Additionally, we began meeting an hour before our Tuesday class at SOS as the date got closer. On the Monday before the event, we had to close the sign-up because we had a full house! We decorated the night before until well past midnight, and we were back at SOS by 7:30 am to pray and receive all of the precious women that our God would bring in answer to prayers.
We had over 200 women!

After door prizes and worship, we had 3 of our very own SOS ladies speak from their own journey with God. Cathy shared her journey from Abandonment to Arising through the power of forgiving love! Tasha shared from sexual abuse to Arising through the power of a Father’s love, and Patricia shared her journey from the lies of Satan, to arising through accountability and the power of truth! Then, I was able to bring a message, “Calling Women to ARISE” from the life they are living into the life our God has planned out for them- in the power of our Resurrected Jesus!
We saw many women come forward to get their hearts right with God, willing to allow Him to write their stories. We left tired yet empowered by God’s heart of redemption and compassion for His daughters! Before they left, we placed a turquoise Bible, a journal, and a pen in each of their hands.
The next Tuesday, as we resumed our women’s class, our God doubled the size of our class! It was a beautiful sight to see: all of those turquoise Bibles that we had given out in these precious women’s hands, ready to open up and study God’s WORD- the Word that is able to Rescue Restore and redeem them back to the Fathers Heart! We want to thank the Marshall V. Ross Foundation, Celeste Brantley, Laurie Wimberley, the IHOP prayer team, and each of you for your prayers and support as weplanned and watched God call each of these women to ARISE.

WORD FROM THE STREET: Join us for the 16th Annual SOS Banquet September 26th!

Do Something – Banquet 2017

The S.O.S. 16th Annual Banquet will take place on Tuesday, September 26th from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the S.O.S. Ministries Center. The theme of this year’s banquet, “Do Something!”, is a call to make a difference where you are with what you have- even when the task list seems insurmountable. Join us for a night of reflection on how God has used SOS to bring the love of Jesus to those we serve in our community.

From the moment God gave JJ His vision, to the steps we have taken to expand our ministry, God has been faithful to provide so that we are able to share who He is and do all we can to impact our community through the power of the gospel. Every week, our goal at SOS is to “Do Something!”: to lend a hand when needed, to exhibit the love of Christ in all we do, and to always point others to the truth of scripture. We continually see miracles of transformed lives as those we serve choose to trust God. Join us as we celebrate everything that God is doing in this community and in the lives of people He puts in our path!

For ticket and sponsorship
information, call the S.O.S.
office at 979-775-5357
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