February Newsletter 2018


Volume 25 Issue 2

Built on Solid Rock

On Saturday, the SOS Women’s Ministry hosted the 7th annual Valentine’s Banquet to celebrate and strengthen God’s gift of love. The banquet began upon the realization that many couples involved in SOS Ministries had not witnessed a Christ-centered model of marriage, and thus, many struggled as they attempted their own relationship. We desire to minister to the entire family, and have seen that supporting and building a strong Godly marriage is a cornerstone for many of our other ministries.

Approximately 35 couples enjoyed a night out including a catered dinner and dessert, door prizes, a photo booth, and a message from incredible speakers. This year, we were honored to host Mikado Hinson, Assistant Athletic Director of Player Development for Texas A&M, and wife Shaundra Hinson who shared their testimony and stories of God’s faithfulness, as well as practical ways they have learned over the years to have a healthy marriage. The couple shared the stage and spoke together, as “Team Hinson”, united by a covenant under God. They encouraged the couples to be open with communication, to be each other’s number one cheerleader, to complete each other and not compete with each other, and to forgive quickly. However, they closed the conversation saying “If you don’t have a personal relationship with Christ, these are just points. You must build your house on the right foundation, and Christ is that solid rock. If it’s built on a faulty foundation, it’s only a matter of time. When that storm comes, it will collapse”.

We have witnessed marriages shake and fall in our ministries as storms come when they are built on a foundation other than Christ. Anything less will not withstand stress, loss, anger, betrayal, and hardship. Our hope is that these couples would be the generation that breaks the rampant cycle of infidelity and divorce by seeking Jesus’ example and building their life upon Him. Mikado Hinson ended by challenging us to be “men and women who obey and build this foundation on solid rock”.

The banquet was coordinated by the SOS Women’s Ministry who also beautifully decorated the facility to reflect this year’s theme, “It’s All About Love”. Annie Daylong catered a delicious dinner, and door-prizes were donated by generous businesses and individuals. Through your support and prayers, we are seeing Christ enter relationships and transform them from the foundation up.

DID YOU KNOW: We were able to sponsor 70 women to attend the 2018 You Are Women’s Conference

25th Annual Basketball Tournament

On February 24th and March 3rd, we will be hosting our 25th Annual Basketball Tournament Outreach. The tournament began in 1993 before the ministry itself and is an exciting time to see God reach the people of Brazos Valley. For the past 24 years, this outreach has given us the opportunity to reach the unchurched in the Brazos Valley, and share the gospel and love of Christ with them. Prior to the basketball games, JJ gives a short message and gospel presentation that the participants must attend to play. Through this, we have been able to share this news with thousands of men in the community, and have witnessed approximately 550 men surrender their life to Christ.
We are in eager anticipation of the work God will do in the hearts and lives of the men participating in the tournament this year. We invite you to attend and see God at work through this outreach. Please join us in prayer for the men to have open and ready hearts for Christ and for us to experience a harvest greater than we have seen before. If you are interested in sponsoring, please complete the enclosed insert.