May Newsletter 2018

May 2018

Volume 25 Issue 5


Canyon Village Block Party

Each year during April Awareness Month, we prayerfully choose two neighborhoods to host a block party for the residents. At the block party, we host live music from a Christian rapper, our volunteers share their testimonies, and JJ delivers the Gospel and gives residents the opportunity to come forward and accept Christ. This year, we hosted block parties at both Saddlewood Apartments and Canyon Village Apartments. We are already heavily involved in Saddlewood Apartments, however Canyon Village was new territory for us.

Canyon Village is located in a dark area with heavy drug and alcohol abuse, and other illicit activity. With that knowledge, we knew that we would need to use the power of prayer and come equipped with the full armor of God in order to reach these residents with the Gospel.

A week before the block party, SOS volunteers went door-to-door at Canyon Village, inviting them to the upcoming Block Party and offering to pray for them. Two volunteers went up to a door where a grandmother and five children aged 2-6 were sitting on the porch. They asked the grandma if there was anything they could pray for, and she pointed inside to her daughter and said, “You should go talk to her. She needs some help”. The volunteers went inside and began speaking to the daughter and her husband, and the daughter opened up about her struggle with depression. One of the volunteers had gone through a similar struggle, and shared how Christ had delivered her from this suffering. The woman’s face lit up and immediately she was engaged. The volunteer began to share about the hope of Christ, and how He is the ultimate answer. She said to the daughter, “Today is the day of salvation. You don’t need to wait until the block party to accept Christ, you can say yes today. He is the answering to our suffering”. The volunteer shared some encouraging verses and the Gospel, and they couple accepted Christ right away! The following week at the block party, volunteers checked in with the family and brought them Bibles, encouraging them to read it daily as spiritual food. Not only was the family encouraged, but also the volunteers as they got to share in the joy of the Gospel!

The block party was also a huge success! Chrystal, the property manager at Canyon Village came forward and shared her incredible testimony of love and redemption, which spoke of many of the same struggles as her residents. As she was speaking, residents there quickly recognized her, and were in awe that she was sharing her testimony that were so like their life stories. Additionally, JJ delivered a powerful Gospel message, and 12 people came forward and committed or rededicated their life to Christ! Afterward, volunteers were able to pray for them, and encourage them in their new relationship with Christ.

Overall this April, we saw around 20 people give their life to Christ between our block parties and prayer and evangelism nights. This month has been a sweet reminder of the power of our testimonies, and the way they can encourage others towards a relationship with Christ, that God gives good gifts, and that He is in the business of changing hearts!


UNDERWRITERS: Stylecraft Builders, KBTX Media;

EVENT: KAGS-TV, Kreuz Market, Galleria Day Spa, Lamar Advertising, Peace 107, Twin City Properties;

PLATINUM: Integrus Leadership;

GOLD: Copy Corner, Rancho de Colores, Terry M. Jones, M.D., Wright Dentistry; Dr. Stephen R. Wright & Dr. Andrew F. Naeger;

SILVER: Randy & Tammy Threadgill

Student Volunteers

Throughout the school year, SOS is blessed to have hundreds of student volunteers from Blinn College and Texas A&M University serving our ministry in various ways. Each week, over 135 student volunteers flood the SOS Ministries Center’s halls to teach skills in our After School Program, disciple in our Teen Ministry, and lead Bible studies in our Children’s and Hearne Ministry. They faithfully give there time to love on our SOS kids, and teach them who God is and who they are in Christ — Children of the King. We could not operate without them!

We want to give a special thank you and say congratulations to our volunteers who are graduating this year. They have worked tirelessly for the sake of the Gospel and have sacrificed time and energy in the midst of a busy season. They have made an incredible impact in our kids and teens, both now and eternally! We know they will continue to have a kingdom impact in their new homes, jobs and ministries.

Additionally, thank you to Texas A&M organizations Brotherhood of Christian Aggies (BCA) and Philadelphia Sisters for partnering with us this year as your philanthropy, and serving us both financially and physically.

Across the board, we cannot thank our student volunteers enough for the way they love and serve our ministry. They are truly a gift from God, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude for them. God has blessed us with faithful servants and it is a joy seeing them shepherd His flock!


This summer, SOS and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, FCA, are partnering to sponsor 20 SOS teens to attend FCA Sports Camp at Texas A&M University. On July 1st-4th our teens will have the opportunity to be coached by collegiate athletes and coaches who love athletics, but more importantly, love God. The teens will be able to choose from a variety of sports where they will be challenged to develop and perfect the skills they will utilize on their high school sports teams. Our teens have had the opportunity to go in the past and it is one of their favorite events all year – they cannot wait to attend!

At camp, the teens will be participating in bible studies, chapel, and worship, and will grow in their understanding and love of God and learn how to glorify and worship Him through sports. This year, the camp’s theme is “Strong”, based off of the verse in 2nd Timothy 4:7, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race”. They will be taught not only how to be strong athletically, but also the importance of spiritual strength, and solidity in our faith.

FCA has generously offered a partial scholarship for each student to attend, but we are still looking for people to partner with us and sponsor our teens so they are able to attend camp. We invite you to be a part of God’s work in our teens through FCA Sports Camp through a financial gift by giving online here.