October 2017 Newsletter


Volume 24 Issue 10


 My name is Eddy Licon. I grew up in a Christian home in Houston. At 5, I accepted Christ as my Savior. I remember seeing a documentary that idolized the punk rock culture. And from that moment on that’s what I strived to become and with that culture came drugs. At 16, I ran away from home and the drug use really began. By 18, I had served time and had a felony. When my son was born I looked at him thinking “Today is the day I’m going to change. I’m going to do it for you”. I told myself I was going to stop all the partying and drugs, except the weed, only to end up with a failed marriage, heavy drug use, and lots of anger. Now in my 30s I knew what I needed to do but I chose to ignore God. I blamed him for everything wrong in my life. I ended up meeting and marrying my now wife. I was happy, she was everything I ever dreamed. But I was full of guilt I had learned to hide my addictions. I abandoned my wife and my son and I started to go deeper into my addiction. I start to use a needle and became a slave to it. I ended up living in the street, doing whatever to support my habit. My family had stopped reaching out to me and I had no one. Then I received a text from Tiger my childhood youth leader. He offered to take me to a rehab facility. After weeks of turning him down I woke up on a sidewalk in an abandoned shopping center. I finally had enough! He picked me up and took me to a rehab in Houston, but within 48 hours they had Tiger come get me. Tiger was on a mission. He started making calls, and reached out to Loretta Beam. She is the awesome secretary here at S.O.S. She helped Tiger set a meeting between Steve Savala and myself. He explained to me the rules of the Men’s home, the work program and their expectations.

On November 9th 2014. I walked thru the front doors of the S.O.S Men’s Home and my life was forever changed! I know I wasn’t an easy person to deal with and there were plenty of times I wanted to walk away. But to be honest never having visited Bryan I honestly had no idea where I was at, and how to get home. At the Men’s home I was taught many new valuable lessons. I came to realize why my life was a mess. As it says in Proverbs 3:5-6 All I needed to do was submit to God and He would guide me thru life. Here at SOS I would see how the men would treat their families and I realize what a blessing I had with my wife and son. I knew that if I was going to be that kind of Godly, family man I needed to finish the program. Praise be to God I graduated from the Men’s home September 11th 2015. And since I’ve been out God has truly blessed me. With His guidance I’ve been able to save my marriage with my beautiful wife and be the father my son deserves. I am able to work in the medical field for which I went to school to receive training. God used the S.O.S family to help me in the time of need. They showed me love, forgiveness, and what it’s like to be Godly Man. God is not done with me yet but I will forever be grateful for what God has done through S.O.S Ministries in my life.

DID YOU KNOW: With your help, we were able to raise $170,000 at the annual SOS banquet. Check out our testimonies page for more stories like Eddy’s!

2018 Launch

Recently, SOS Ministries unveiled an initiative to launch our 25th year of ministry!  Over the years, SOS has acquired buses and vans, purchased land, built a ministry center and added a men’s home, all to fulfill the mission of taking the love of Jesus to the streets of Bryan College Station.  As we look to where God is leading, it is time to build our team. In 2018, we want to add 3 positions to better meet the needs of those we serve.  We are asking for help in completing this immediate step God has placed before us.  To fund 3 positions, $100,000 is needed as seed money.  Of the $100,000, $54,000 has been raised.  $46,000 is still needed to meet the goal. In 2017, the body of Christ responded to statewide and national crises and did amazing things together for the glory of God.  At SOS, we have seen the body of Christ respond to crises in our own community.  Each person has simply taken the step God has placed in front of them.  As JJ said, “No one is called to everything, but everyone can do something.” On the enclosed card, you will find different levels of opportunities to give. God has given us each an ability to give in different ways. Please consider the gift YOU can do.   As SOS continues to follow where God leads, we pray the Gospel will be revealed as we take the steps God has placed in front of us. Thank you for helping us invest daily in the lives of those we serve!