September 2017 Newsletter


Volume 24 Issue 9


My name is Leticia and I grew up in Bryan. As a child I loved to go to church, until my pastor’s husband made a sexual advance on me. Because I was already being sexually abused, I began to pull away from the Lord. At the age of 11 I started wandering the streets, claiming gangs, and did as I pleased. I began smoking weed and looking for love in all the wrong places. At age 12 I began attending SOS, but soon after that my father went to prison and I became pregnant. I became pregnant again at the age of 16 and moved in with my boyfriend at age 17. We have 5 children together, but he was very abusive and a drug addict. Things only got worse to the point that I began to fear for my life. At the age of 23 I moved out. It was hard as a single mom with 6 children and a full time job. Two of my girls asked if they could move back with their dad, and I said yes to my own regret. 2 years later CPS got involved and I lost custody of all 6 of my children. Sad and discouraged, I began to deal meth with my new boyfriend to support myself; only to become addicted. It was a scary life. I hit rock bottom at the age of 27 and I even contemplated suicide. I knew that my only chance to start over was to give my life to Jesus!

I took a trip to Galveston to get the drugs out of my system, then drove back on Sunday morning to go to Sky Break church, since that was where I was going off and on. I went forward to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior and was baptized that same day, but nothing happened in my life right away. I began reading my bible day and night and God began speaking to me. He asked me if I trusted Him. I had not been able to trust anyone with the life I had been living. Even as a child I never felt safe. I carried a knife in my shoe, my purse, my bra, and under my pillow. I knew that if I was going to trust Jesus, I was going to have get rid of all of them. I began to get rid of them one at a time. When I walked away from the last one, it was as if a blanket of love came over me and my heart came home! I was safe in the arms of Jesus, full of love and peace! Now when I look in the mirror, I see God’s favorite!

I started attending the SOS women’s class faithfully and we began praying for my children. I missed them so much and I wanted to be with them. Jesus told me that I would get my children back. I met Traci, a lawyer and volunteer here at SOS. Traci has helped me get visitations with my children. I began working 2 jobs to provide a place for my children to live. I still attend the SOS women’s class, Friday night worship, and help teach in the Teen Girls Class on Thursdays.

I want to thank God for raising up Carmen and JJ and all of you that support SOS to share God’s love and help equip people like me so that I can have a new foundation in Jesus. Today, I am a new creation and a new person in Christ. Now I want to love and disciple my children with the word of God. I want to finish school and continue to serve in ministry to give back all the love that has so freely been given to me.

WORD FROM THE STREET: Come hear more testimonies like Leticia’s at the 16th Annual Banquet!

Hurricane Relief

At the end of August, Hurricane Harvey brought devastation to much of Houston and the Gulf Coast of Texas. As relief efforts began, many of the men, women and teenagers we serve at SOS wanted to do something to help. Even though many of them have had their own lives turned upside down and endured hardships, they wanted to help those affected by the hurricane in any way they could. A team of women from our Women’s Ministry and several of our teen girls helped clean out a warehouse and gut a woman’s home who they were then able to pray over and share the Gospel.
When the body of Christ operates as one, we can accomplish so much more. A year ago, JJ and many local pastors began meeting together to lift up Bryan College Station in prayer to bring unity across racial differences and amongst the body of Christ. So when disaster struck, we were able to link arms and join our efforts to best serve those affected by the storm.

Somebody Cares America called SOS about an immediate need for water and non-perishable food items at a shelter. We were able to make some calls and in less than four hours we had almost 60 cases of water and 40 large cans of nonperishable food given by members of several churches from across the community. God truly is on display!

If you are interested in partnering with SOS, check out the Save Our Streets Ministries Facebook page. You can also donate on our website and specify “Hurricane Relief.” Please continue to pray for the recovery process so many families are facing.