JJ Ramirez’ Story

JJ Ramirez’ Story

New Years Eve 1992, two hours before midnight I got on my knees to pray, just to thank God for no longer being on drugs. Jesus came into my room in such a real and powerful way.

He began to reveal a vision for a big multi-purpose facility where Jesus would be preached 24/7. I whispered, “I can’t do that.” He replied, “I know you can’t. I’m going to do it through you.” He continued to tell and show me how I would not have to count on the government for one dime, that the body of Christ would come together.

The same vision from the very beginning

Jesus also said this ministry would be a part of bringing the Body of Christ together for His heart, to seek and save that which is lost.

“He began to reveal a vision for a big 
multi-purpose facility where Jesus would be preached 24/7.”

I whispered once again, “If just one drug addict, one gang member would come out, I will dedicate my life that day for that one person.” He answered, “I don’t just want one, I want them all. I wish that no one should perish but all come to the saving knowledge of my son.”

We saw the Body of Christ come together and the power of unity the night before tent revival that ended up birthing SOS ministries. In October of 1993, several pastors from different denominations came together on Halloween night to pray and intercede for souls for the Kingdom of God. We were only going to do a 3 day revival and ended up going all week because of the response of gang members and drug addicts. With 150 professions of faith and 78 baptisms, we saw evidence of God moving and answering prayers.

The influence of our ministry

Since its founding, the vision and influence of S.O.S. Ministries has expanded, and what began as an effort to primarily reach gang members has grown into a ministry that touches every area of our city and every member of the family from grandchild to grandparent. New doors continue to open, providing new opportunities for the dedicated staff and volunteers of S.O.S. to continue sharing the message of hope, love, and salvation with the hopeless.

“It’s bigger than me, it’s bigger than us. It is God sized and I just hope He let’s me see it all.”

Through the direction of J.J., the ministry now partners with approximately 250 volunteers and over 75 churches and organizations to carry out its mission. J.J.’s vision of a center offering a variety of social services and programs in order to meet tangible needs within our community took a big first step in 2009 with the purchase of 20 acres of land and the building of a 21,000 square foot facility. As typical with visionaries, J.J.’s response to this accomplishment is, “It is simply the first phase of a larger plan and we have great expectation of what God will continue to do.” J.J.’s full vision of developing the entire 20 acres for vocational training, entrepreneurial skills and life skills is just part of his purpose of rescuing, restoring and releasing those he serves through both word and action. J.J.’s comment, “It’s bigger than me, it’s bigger than us. It is God sized and I just hope He let’s me see it all.”