May Newsletter 2018

May 2018

Volume 25 Issue 5


Canyon Village Block Party

Each year during April Awareness Month, we prayerfully choose two neighborhoods to host a block party for the residents. At the block party, we host live music from a Christian rapper, our volunteers share their testimonies, and JJ delivers the Gospel and gives residents the opportunity to come forward and accept Christ. This year, we hosted block parties at both Saddlewood Apartments and Canyon Village Apartments. We are already heavily involved in Saddlewood Apartments, however Canyon Village was new territory for us.

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April Newsletter 2018

APRIL 2018

Volume 25 Issue 4


Joe Campos’ Testimony

As we celebrate our 25th year of ministry, we will be remembering God’s faithfulness throughout the years through testimonies from years past. Joe Campos was one of the first few men in our Men’s Home in 1995. God has written an incredible story in his life displaying His transformative power and grace! [Read more…]

March Newsletter 2018

MARCH 2018

Volume 25 Issue 3


Teen Girl’s Retreat

This year, our annual Teen Girl’s Retreat was held at Miracle Farms from February 23rd to February 25th. The theme, “Stay With Me” came from John 15:5 which says, “I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him he will bear much fruit. Apart from me, you can do nothing”. The girls learned the importance of inviting Jesus into their lives and walking through both the mountains and valleys with Him. At the retreat, 25 teens came together to worship, fellowship, eat s’mores and participate in an incredible dance off to Christian music! The retreat was hosted by 15 college and Women’s Ministry volunteers who helped coordinate the weekend, prepare food, lead worship, and walk with the girls through lessons. [Read more…]

February Newsletter 2018


Volume 25 Issue 2

Built on Solid Rock

On Saturday, the SOS Women’s Ministry hosted the 7th annual Valentine’s Banquet to celebrate and strengthen God’s gift of love. The banquet began upon the realization that many couples involved in SOS Ministries had not witnessed a Christ-centered model of marriage, and thus, many struggled as they attempted their own relationship. We desire to minister to the entire family, and have seen that supporting and building a strong Godly marriage is a cornerstone for many of our other ministries. [Read more…]

January Newsletter 2018

December 2017 Newsletter


Volume 24 Issue 12

I am Redeemed

My name is Rhonda. I am married with 4 children. My Dad was physically and sexually abusive. I was often left naked, cold, frightened and hugging my pillow in pain, then my father would appear in clown masks and said that if I told he would kill my mom. He said “no one would believe such an ugly nasty little girl.” [Read more…]

November 2017 Newsletter


Volume 24 Issue 11

Christmas Gifts

Every year, excited families and individuals rush to hang Christmas decorations, and holiday festivities transform the cultural landscape of America into one of hustle and bustle. While these activities make it easy to become lost in a sea of shopping and last-minute preparations during this time, they also hold the potential to offer a sweet space in our modern world to reflect on God and the work of His son. [Read more…]

October 2017 Newsletter


Volume 24 Issue 10


 My name is Eddy Licon. I grew up in a Christian home in Houston. At 5, I accepted Christ as my Savior. I remember seeing a documentary that idolized the punk rock culture. And from that moment on that’s what I strived to become and with that culture came drugs. At 16, I ran away from home and the drug use really began. By 18, I had served time and had a felony. When my son was born I looked at him thinking “Today is the day I’m going to change. I’m going to do it for you”. I told myself I was going to stop all the partying and drugs, except the weed, only to end up with a failed marriage, heavy drug use, and lots of anger. Now in my 30s I knew what I needed to do but I chose to ignore God. I blamed him for everything wrong in my life. I ended up meeting and marrying my now wife. I was happy, she was everything I ever dreamed. But I was full of guilt I had learned to hide my addictions. I abandoned my wife and my son and I started to go deeper into my addiction. I start to use a needle and became a slave to it. I ended up living in the street, doing whatever to support my habit. My family had stopped reaching out to me and I had no one. Then I received a text from Tiger my childhood youth leader. He offered to take me to a rehab facility. After weeks of turning him down I woke up on a sidewalk in an abandoned shopping center. I finally had enough! He picked me up and took me to a rehab in Houston, but within 48 hours they had Tiger come get me. Tiger was on a mission. He started making calls, and reached out to Loretta Beam. She is the awesome secretary here at S.O.S. She helped Tiger set a meeting between Steve Savala and myself. He explained to me the rules of the Men’s home, the work program and their expectations. [Read more…]

September 2017 Newsletter


Volume 24 Issue 9


My name is Leticia and I grew up in Bryan. As a child I loved to go to church, until my pastor’s husband made a sexual advance on me. Because I was already being sexually abused, I began to pull away from the Lord. At the age of 11 I started wandering the streets, claiming gangs, and did as I pleased. I began smoking weed and looking for love in all the wrong places. At age 12 I began attending SOS, but soon after that my father went to prison and I became pregnant. I became pregnant again at the age of 16 and moved in with my boyfriend at age 17. We have 5 children together, but he was very abusive and a drug addict. Things only got worse to the point that I began to fear for my life. At the age of 23 I moved out. It was hard as a single mom with 6 children and a full time job. Two of my girls asked if they could move back with their dad, and I said yes to my own regret. 2 years later CPS got involved and I lost custody of all 6 of my children. Sad and discouraged, I began to deal meth with my new boyfriend to support myself; only to become addicted. It was a scary life. I hit rock bottom at the age of 27 and I even contemplated suicide. I knew that my only chance to start over was to give my life to Jesus! [Read more…]

August 2017 Newsletter


Volume 24 Issue 8


After attending the “YOU ARE” conference last year, several of our SOS women began to ask about the possibility of SOS having a women’s conference for their friends that did not know Jesus! I thought, “What a great idea!”. Then, the ladies repeatedly explained, “We hear wonderful speakers, but then they eventually leave town and the person we connected with is gone”. They asked, “What about the possibility of you, Mrs. Carmen, being our speaker and having our own women share what Jesus has done in their lives to help our friends see the power of Jesus!” We began to plan immediately! [Read more…]