Today, S.O.S. partners with approximately 300 volunteers, and over 75 churches and organizations to effectively take the love of Jesus Christ to the streets.

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We have regularly scheduled activities throughout the week, as well as various outreaches all through the year that reach every part of the family.

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Volunteer Opportunities


After School Program

If you have a special skill or just like hanging out with 4th-6th graders we could use you! After school on Monday and Tuesday from 3:45-4:45 we divide the kids up into classes to teach them technical skills and hobbies that they will benefit from in the future. Classes currently include; Bike Mechanics, Sewing, Gardening, Chess, Hip Hop Dance, Music, Carpentry, and Art. We need teachers and volunteers for all classes!


The S.O.S. Nursery is in need of volunteers to help monitor nursery age children every Thursday and Friday night. Volunteers will play and provide snack for the children who are less than 5 years of age.

Children’s Ministry

We meet every Monday night when the kids are taught a practical Bible lesson, play a game, receive a snack, and make a craft. One of the things we cherish the most about this time is the relationships that are built. These relationships transcend Thursday nights as volunteers eat lunch with the kids at their schools, hang out with them around town, and take them to Sunday services at their home churches.

On Location

During the summer time S.O.S. Children’s Ministry is in need of volunteers to help out with a special six week outreach. During this outreach S.O.S. Volunteers go to “at risk” neighborhoods where they are responsible for helping out with games, crafts, snacks, and lessons.

Teenage Boy’s Ministry

We hold a Teenage Boy’s Bible study every Thursday night where the young men are taught relevant Biblical truths, and how to directly apply them to their lives. At the end of this Bible study they come together for a time of fellowship, when a number of our staff, volunteers, and teenagers play basketball or football. S.O.S. Ministries also takes our youth on various activities throughout the year. They have an opportunity to go on a weekend camping trip, Astros Baseball game, Schlitterbahn Water Park, and much more. Adult male volunteers will mentor and assist Steve in leading the boys on Thursday nights.

Teenage Girl’s Ministry

We hold a Teenage Girl’s Bible study every Thursday night where the ladies are taught relevant Biblical truths, and how to directly apply them to their lives. The girls are also given the opportunity to be a part of a mentoring program, where they are paired up with an adult who walks with them through one of the most crucial times in their lives. We also take our girls on many fun and exciting activities. They have an opportunity to go on a weekend camping trip, Astros Baseball game, Schlitterbahn Water Park, and much more. Adult female volunteers will mentor and assist Carmen with Thursday nights.

Adult Ministry

The adult ministry provides an atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcomed. We have a diverse audience both young and old, rich and poor that all come together for one purpose; to grow in Christ. We hold a weekly adult Bible study led by J.J. Ramirez every Thursday night, as well as a men’s Bible study and women’s Bible study on Tuesday nights. The Tuesday night Bible studies provide a more intimate setting, where relationships are built and healing occurs.

Hearne Ministry

Each week SOS sends a team to Hearne, TX to hold bible studies with the children and teens at a local church. We need people willing to teach, assist with kids (play with kids), and help monitor the bus.

Bus Ministry

Our Bus Ministry provides transportation for our kids to and from S.O.S. activities. We currently have two buses as well as two vans that go out multiple times during the week. While the buses and volunteers are in the neighborhoods picking up the kids, relationships are built with the parents of our kids. We not only need drivers for these buses, but we also need monitors to sit with the kids while traveling to and from S.O.S. activities.

Prison Ministry

S.O.S. Ministries has an active presence in both local jails and prisons. We have held crusades at some of the larger units in surrounding areas, and provide love and support to those who find themselves in such a trying situation. We get hundreds of letters from men in prison, who have heard of the ministry, on a yearly basis.